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Stamatios Gus Alexander Sr. Sword Collection

Department of Military Science

An infantry officer’s sword from 1850.

An infantry officer’s sword from 1850.

A graduate of North Texas Agricultural College, Stamatios Gus Alexander Sr. was commissioned in the Army Air Corps. There, he commanded the sister squadron of actor Jimmy Stewart. In 1983, Alexander established a special legacy at UTA: He donated part of his extensive collection of old military swords and sabers—13 in total—to the Department of Military Science. The oldest, a U.S. artillery officer's saber, is dated circa 1805-20. Among the newest is a cavalry officer's saber, circa 1871-1902.

U.S. staff and field officer's sword, circa 1860-65.

U.S. staff and field officer’s sword, circa 1860-65.

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