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Illegal Aliens

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    “San Jacinto”

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    “Los Niños Ilegales 2”

Carlos Donjuan

Alumnus Carlos Donjuan was a kid when he first heard the term “illegal alien,” and its meaning confused him. “I wondered what an illegal alien was supposed to look like. I imagined all kinds of weird creatures, animals, and hybrid figures.” As he got older, the Mexico native understood the term’s negative connotations. “I was heartbroken,” he says, “because people were talking about me.” Donjuan ’06, a senior lecturer in the Art and Art History Department, has come to appreciate the sacrifices his parents made to provide better opportunities for him and his brothers, and he funneled these experiences into his Illegal Aliens series. “The paintings deal with both my childhood memories and the journey that people from all over the world take in order to have a better future,” he says. “They are more for me to remember my family’s experiences but are also open to the public’s interpretation. They can be about whatever you want them to be.”


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