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Department of Military Science

Lt. Col. Lora Rimmer


As an undergraduate history major at the University of Kansas, Lora Rimmer found a home in the Army ROTC. “I really enjoyed the camaraderie. I enjoyed the challenge of the work we were doing, and I felt like I was pretty good at it.” Commissioned as an officer in 1990, Lt. Col. Rimmer’s 28-year military career includes serving as the Network Operations Officer for the First Cavalry Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2006-08. In 2011 she assumed command of UT Arlington’s ROTC unit, the Maverick Battalion. Under her leadership, the program has grown to 147 cadets with roughly half majoring in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. Last year the U.S. Army Cadet Command named Rimmer the Professor of Military Science of the Year, chosen from among 275 professors at colleges and universities nationwide that offer Army ROTC. “The biggest reason it’s exciting is because it brings attention to the program, cadets, and staff who work with me,” she says. “I couldn’t be successful without the quality of students and faculty we have here at UTA.”