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Feeding Creativity

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    “Spoerri Ink” (2009) collage, ink, gesso, and pigmented bacon fat on paper
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    “Flash Light (GC)” (2007) ink, latex, tape, and collage on cardboard
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    “Menu” (2009) ink, latex, and coffee on paper
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    “JB” (2010) ink, pencil, coffee, spray paint, and gold-pigmented bacon fat on paper


Art doesn’t have to be slowly and carefully crafted. For Stephen Lapthisophon, it can spring from ordinary experiences, accidents even, like spilling coffee. “The idea is to make someone think about the things that happen in everyday life,” says the senior lecturer in the Art and Art History Department. Born in Houston, Lapthisophon earned his BFA from UT Austin in 1977 and his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He began teaching at UT Arlington in 2007 and is a featured artist at Dallas’ Conduit Gallery. In 2013 he presented a major solo exhibition, “coffee, seasonal fruit, root vegetables and ‘Selected Poems,’ ” at the Dallas Museum of Art. Constructed with food materials such as coffee and ground spices, his works emphasize the importance of senses other than sight. For the last 20 years, Lapthisophon has suffered from vision impairment. He says his condition has impacted his art but not his artistic vision. “When you go back and look at what I’ve done over a long period of time,” he says, “it pretty much looks the same.”


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