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Prince Varughese Thomas

A striking voice from the Indian diaspora

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    “Valais, Switzerland: March 13, 2012”

    From The Space Between Grief and Morning series, charcoal on Stonehenge paper

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    Video still from a six-minute looped video using single- channel video, stereo, and binaural audio

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    “Portrait of Stephen Colbert”

    LightJet print on metallic paper, from the Newsmaker series

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    “Great Grandmother”

    Giclee print on metallic paper, from the Ancestors series

The New York Times called the work of Prince Varughese Thomas ('92 BA, Psychology) "an endearing marriage of high and low." They were reviewing his diptych "For Regret," which was part of a larger collection about cultural dislocation at the Hammond Museum in New York.

The associate professor of art at Lamar University, who was born in Kuwait but became a naturalized U.S. citizen, often explores such cultural complexities in his art, primarily through photography, video, and drawing.

Thomas says his love of art was rekindled at UTA when he decided to minor in the subject at the end of his undergraduate career—he even stayed an extra year to earn the credits that he needed.

"My fellow students and I had such a passion and commitment to learning, making art, and being challenged by our professors and our peers," he says. "I am grateful for this period in my life because it instilled in me a work ethic that I hold even now. Those introductory steps in the arts still hold a strong foundation for how I conduct myself as a professional while continuing my education and creative exploration."

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