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Planting Design

Kerry Gray-Harrison

LARC 5331

"Planting Design" is an important part of the core curriculum for students in the Master of Landscape Architecture program. David Hopman, associate professor of landscape architecture, says students learn time-honored principles of using plants in the landscape to create spaces, frame views, provide safety and shelter, and many other practical applications. They also learn aesthetic rules, such as how to combine plants based on texture, form, line, and color. These studies culminate in one or two major service projects that students such as Kerry Gray-Harrison, pictured at left, develop from concept to a formal schematic presentation for faculty and guest critics. In recent years, there has been a stronger emphasis on balancing aesthetic delight with environmental and ecological concerns. This winter and spring, students assisted with applied research by installing a test native polyculture planting adjacent to the CAPPA building.


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