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Serving Others

After recovering from COVID-19, tennis athlete makes an impact

Eduard Simo

As a member of UTA’s men’s tennis team, junior marketing major Eduard Simo had seen his fair share of volunteer work while serving on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee at UTA. Since returning to his home country of Spain, however, he’s taken his community service up a notch.

Upon returning home to Barcelona after COVID-19 closed the UTA campus, Simo first had to overcome coronavirus, which his family caught just days before his arrival.

He and his family quarantined themselves for 14 days. Once the period passed and his symptoms subsided, he was ready to make a difference.

Through Health Warriors, an initiative started by a close friend of his, Simo is helping to provide health care workers with support and encouragement through the donation of prepared meals. As of early May, Health Warriors had donated 6,325 servings of food to 64 different organizations, including hospitals, prisons, and police and fire stations.

“It’s very gratifying for me because you go to these hospitals that are overloaded with so many people,” says Simo. “We go there and bring big boxes of food and they are just so happy. They all start clapping. Every single doctor comes out and says thank you. They’re doing like 12-hour turns, so it’s the least we could do for them.”

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