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Sibling Duo on the Diamond

Brother and sister athletes join the Maverick family

Reagan and Trevor Hukill

Growing up in Mansfield, Reagan and Trevor Hukill’s sibling bond strengthened as they became united in their efforts on the baseball diamond. Now that bond is even stronger since they joined the Maverick family.

“I tell everybody all the time that I feel like I’ve won the lottery because honestly, I did,” says their mother, Melodie Hukill.

On the advice of UTA head baseball coach Darin Thomas, Trevor began his collegiate career at Vernon Junior College. There, the left-handed pitcher struck out 60 batters across 69 innings while grooming himself into the talent the Mavs’ coaching staff believed he could be. While he was plagued with injuries in his first season at UTA, Trevor expects to pick things back up in fall 2020.

“Trevor is a team guy who puts our baseball program first,” says Associate Head Coach Jon Wente. “He cares and has worked to overcome a lot of adversity as a player in his short time here at UTA.”

Reagan also has a team-first mindset. In the 25 games the softball team managed to play this season, the freshman excelled with a .305 batting average and a 1.000 fielding percentage across 24 starts in the outfield.

“Reagan is a fantastic person to have in this program,” says head softball Coach Peejay Brun. “She’s a talented outfielder with a consistent swing. The one thing that stands out about her is her ability to make people smile. She just has the personality that makes you feel like everything is going to be OK.”

Luckily for the Hukill parents, if everything eventually goes back to normal after social distancing orders lift, they should have at least two more years of being able to cheer on their children.

“They chose to go to UTA because the programs are amazing,” says Melodie. “The coaches are amazing. The players are amazing. They truly have found their own home there.”

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