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Bold Solutions | Global Impact

University transitions to aggressive implementation of Strategic Plan 2020

Professor Liping Tang and Dr. Joseph Borrelli Jr.

Professor Liping Tang, left, and Dr. Joseph Borrelli Jr., an orthopedic surgeon, play key roles in the new Pre-Medical Student Preceptorship Program designed to impact Health and the Human Condition, a guiding theme of the strategic plan.

Today’s megacities and those of tomorrow face mounting challenges to become sustainable economic and cultural centers that elevate prosperity and enhance quality of life.

Our Bold Solutions | Global Impact strategic plan is much more than a roadmap for the future –it’s a call to action.

Defined as metropolitan areas exceeding 10 million people, these swelling urban regions combat pressing issues such as improving health care, managing natural resources, creating more livable communities, and harnessing the proliferation of data.

With a population over 7 million, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area is rapidly approaching megacity status. And UTA stands poised to help ease the growing pains.

Focused on enabling a sustainable megacity, the University’s Bold Solutions | Global Impact strategic plan encompasses four broad themes: Health and the Human Condition, Sustainable Urban Communities, Global Environmental Impact, and Data-Driven Discovery. The themes provide strategic areas of emphasis that extend across disciplines to guide academic and research excellence throughout the decade.

“Our strategic plan positions us at the forefront of the discovery, integration, and application of information and knowledge while leading the way for a transformative educational experience not constrained by time, space, or location,” UTA President Vistasp Karbhari says.

The plan evolved over 15 months through discussions within the University and with key external constituencies. The UT System Board of Regents endorsed the plan in February.

“Our Bold Solutions | Global Impact strategic plan is much more than a roadmap for the future—it is a call to action,” President Karbhari says. “It is a living, dynamic manifesto with targeted metrics that we will continuously measure to assess progress toward our lofty goals.”

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