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Innovation Day@UTA inspires students to develop creative solutions

Imagine creating a scale-sized Formula race car for less than $50 that could not just travel across a room, but climb over obstacles.

Oh, and it can’t run on any type of fuel or batteries.

That challenge was presented to teams of high school and college students who competed in the second annual Innovation Day@UTA held October 22 in College Park Center.

The winning high school team, led by 14-year-old Samantha Maldonado, was from Arlington Martin High School’s STEM Academy, an initiative developed jointly by UTA with Arlington Independent School District to help students meet STEM college requirements before graduation.

First-year UTA students Chandon Lim and Chun Lau won the college-level team competition.

Winners took home iPad minis.

The event also featured a technology showcase, faculty and student poster presentations, and sessions with guest panelists discussing innovation, entrepreneurship and how to attract angel investors.

UTA alumni also participated including Fadi Bishara, a 1992 industrial engineering graduate and founder and CEO of the global start-up accelerator Blackbox. He provided the keynote address of the event, detailing how the University played a crucial role in his career as an innovator and entrepreneur.

“What I’m doing now is going out and teaching to the rest of the world how things are done in Silicon Valley,” Bishara says. “But everything I’ve done, it all started here. I learned English here and learned how to learn here.”

Watch a video from Innovation Day@UTA »


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