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Zdzislaw Musielak

Growing up in Poland, Zdzislaw Musielak loved to look at the stars. Eventually his interest turned into a career as an internationally renowned physics researcher known for his exploration of extra-solar planetary systems, the origin of dark matter and dark energy, and black holes. This year he was awarded the international Humboldt Research Award for the third time. The award allows recipients to work on a research project of their choosing in Germany, together with a host and collaborative partner. Musielak will select a deserving UTA graduate student to assist him as he travels to Germany over the summer. “This is a wonderful opportunity as it allows a student to work directly with some of the world’s top scientists at German institutions,” Musielak says. His research in Germany will be concentrated on three different topics: tornado-like structures on the Sun; habitable exoplanets, and exomoons; and new theories for dark matter and dark energy. On June 12, Musielak was honored by his hometown of Kalisz, Poland, with its highest honor, the Honorary Citizen award.


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