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    Capsules D66 (snug 8 arcs)

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    Bubble #6

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    Bubble # 8 (lift)


Nicholas Wood has honed his artistic skills over nearly four decades. “I’ve always been intrigued by the dimensional, spatially interactive, and material nature of sculptural form, yet also drawn to the frontal, illusionistic pictorial quality that drawings and paintings can offer,” the UTA art and art history professor says. He prefers to show his two- and three-dimensional works together and has exhibited in gallery and museum shows from coast to coast as well as internationally in France and Germany. His charcoal and pastel drawings began as visualizations of sculptures but over time have evolved into their own thoughtful and visually complex body of work. When he combines them with three-dimensional pieces, viewers can see how the two media diverge and coalesce, informing and re-informing one another. His abstract drawings and wall sculptures often refer to recognizable objects, allowing viewers to connect on a variety of personal and aesthetic levels.


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