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Marcus Butts

Time magazine article about the stress created by receiving emails outside of work quoted management Associate Professor Marcus Butts. He is the lead author of a study that found people who get electronic work communications after hours get mad. “Being angry takes a lot of focus and resources and it keeps us from being engaged with other things,” he says.

Asish Basu

Earth and Environmental Sciences Department Chair Asish Basu was interviewed by CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley about an Environmental Protection Agency incident that sent a million gallons of toxic sludge from an abandoned mine into Colorado’s Animas River. “All these metals, in excessive amounts, are dangerous to human life,” he says.

Darla Hamann

Darla Hamann reported on a study co-authored by Darla Hamann, an assistant professor in the College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs, on the uphill battle applicants over age 50 face in the job market. The study found the odds of being re-employed decrease by 2.6 percent for every year increase in age.

Meghna Tare

Corporate Responsibility Magazine published an article co-authored by Meghna Tare, executive director of UTA’s Institute for Sustainability and Global Impact, about the often overlooked “free” services that biodiversity and ecosystems provide to society.


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