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Fabulous Fellows

UTA’s Archer Fellows gain invaluable experience

Since 2001, the Archer Center has provided UT System undergraduate and graduate students from across the state the unique opportunity to live, learn, and intern in the nation’s capital through its Archer Fellowship Programs. More than 1,100 UT System alumni have graduated from the Archer Center’s programs since then—including 82 undergraduate and graduate students from UTA.

UTA's Archer Fellows in front of the White House

“Having immigrated to this country from Mexico, I never dreamed of having a chance like this,” says current Archer Fellow Mayra Cantu, a UTA graduate student working toward a master’s degree in public administration. “I have the opportunity to make an impact on a program that will affect the entire country, and I have had access to events and people I would never have dreamed of.”

Todd Hill-Jones, a spring 2010 Archer Fellow, interned at the Financial Services Roundtable as an undergraduate at UTA. He’s now a policy and research program manager at the Urban Institute.

“The Archer Fellowship Program was everything I needed to get my foot in the door in D.C. and pursue a professional opportunity to achieve my career goals,” he says. “It made me want to be better and stronger in what I wanted to do and accomplish personally and professionally.”

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