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(’12 PhD, Finance; ’84 MA, ’82 BA, Economics) CEO, Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Jacqualyn Fouse

Jacqualyn Fouse

Study abroad offers life-changing experiences that can expand a student’s worldview and shape their professional goals. No one knows this better than Distinguished Alumna Jacqualyn Fouse.

Her visit to France as a high school student sparked an illustrious career as a global executive for leading corporations in various industries. With her recent gift of $1.25 million to the College of Business, Dr. Fouse is ensuring that UTA students receive the same opportunities to broaden their horizons and achieve success.

Continued support for the Jack and Doris Fouse Study Abroad Program is one component of the gift, which also includes funding for the Dean’s Leadership Circle (DLC), the Jacqualyn Fouse Doctoral Program, and Business Building renovations to enhance the student experience. She previously established the John and Judy Goolsby-Jacqualyn A. Fouse Endowed Chair, currently held by economics Professor Mahmut Yasar.

“I’m proud to be able to provide scholarship assistance for both undergraduate and graduate students and to help create spaces where they can thrive academically, personally, and professionally,” says Fouse.

Established in 2015 in honor of her parents, the Jack and Doris Fouse Study Abroad Program has enabled more than 400 students to study abroad in 22 countries. The new gift will sustain the program. The DLC provides four-year renewable scholarships for high-achieving students in the College of Business, and the Jacqualyn Fouse Doctoral Program is a new initiative that will provide fellowships for talented graduate students from around the world.

Fouse’s support for the Business Building represents the lead gift for a continued transformation of primarily the first floor. Up to $250,000 of the gift will serve as a match to inspire additional donor support. The project will feature revamped spaces that promote student collaboration and offer a more welcoming environment for corporate visits.

“Dr. Fouse’s thoughtful and generous philanthropic investments continue to make a profound impact on the College of Business,” Dean Harry Dombroski says. “Her latest gift will allow us to recruit and retain top students and inspire them to reach their full potential.”

“UTA students are highly motivated to succeed but sometimes require financial assistance to complete their educational journeys,” Fouse says. “The education I received from UTA helped me pursue a successful professional career that has benefited me in many ways, including financially. It is a privilege to be able to help my alma mater shape the business leaders of tomorrow, and I am thrilled to do so.”

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