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The facts and figures behind the Research Institute.


Research Space

Research Space: The Research Institute houses a variety of high-tech labs, including the High Precision Manufacturing Laboratory, which is equipped with tools used to fabricate small components that require high precision.

Productive Partners

Productive Partners: The Research Institute has the ability to work with partners on a variety of projects in order to transition their research to the prototype and clinical trial stages.

Rising in Rank

Rising in Rank: With its leading-edge capabilities in fabrication, robotics, and manufacturing technologies, the Research Institute is quickly gaining a reputation for its ability to help companies develop, prototype, and fabricate their products.

 Experts in the field

Experts in the field : UTARI has a staff that is highly skilled in the areas of mechanical and electrical design as well as chemistry and system integration. In addition, the institute frequently collaborates with UT Arlington faculty from a variety of disciplines.


Well-Stocked: The Research Institute has an enviable array of assembly and packaging equipment, test and reliability equipment.