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Collaborative Research

The Solution

UTARI has solutions for everyone—whether you are in industry, academia or part of a new start-up company. We have the equipment, the facility space, and a talented team of researchers who can assist you with your product manufacturing or development needs:

  • Pre-production design (mechanical, electrical)
  • Product manufacturing process and optimization (for general manufacturability metrics such as yield, time, cost, and reliability)
  • Low cost and quick turnaround prototyping, especially for low volume orders
  • In-line inspection and characterization
  • Product support system development (such as custom electronics for power, control, communication and custom pneumatics)
  • Custom software development for process automation and product operation
Three Divisions

In addition to working with UTA faculty and students, we are building new collaborations elsewhere in the region, throughout the country and beyond America’s borders. Our partners come from government, industry and universities. Together we facilitate early stage product development in our three divisions:

  1. Automation and Intelligent Systems
  2. Biomedical Technologies
  3. Institute for Predictive Performance Methodologies