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Dr. Abhyankar to Present at UTA Bioengineering Dept.

Biological Microsytems Division:Microscale Tissue Engineering

Dr. Vinay Abhyankar, Principal Research Scientist
Biological Microsystems Division
The University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute

Topic: "Toward Microscale Tissue Engineered Models of Human Disease"

Abstract: The physical phenomena that we are familiar with at the macroscale are often quite different than those that dominate as length scales are reduced. Microscale tissue engineering approaches leverage these favorable scaling effects and have demonstrated great potential in advancing basic science and helping to improve human health. In this seminar, I will present a microengineered platform to explore the invasion of tumor cells into a 3D matrix, and describe a miniaturized 3D human tissue interface to explore drug and pathogen interactions using combined cellular and gene-level readouts.

When: Wednesday, October 14, at 1:00PM

Where: UTA's Nedderman Hall room 203