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STEM Student Training and UTARI AS Lab

STEM Student Training in UTARI Autonomous Systems Lab

A National Science Foundation grant led by Frank Lewis, Ph.D. and A. Davoudi, Ph.D. is coming to a close but the effects of the study are far-reaching. The Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Real-Time Cooperative Multi-Player Games and Graphical Games was funded from the years 2011-2015. This grant particularly developed a new class of feedback Control Systems that allow reinforcement learning, usually described in which natural biological species and organisms adapt to their environments, but now used in technological mechanism, instead. Research results that were developed under this grant were applied to develop new and improved controllers for renewable energy micro grids, allowing a faster response to power load changes, wind and energy fluctuations.

This grant also allowed for an international collaboration of students and colleagues from Europe, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.