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Dr. Wijesundara to Present at UTA Bioengineering Dept.

UTARI Biomedical Division: Rehabilitation and Preventative Care Devices

Dr. Muthu B. J. Wijesundara, Principal Research Scientist

Biomedical Technology Division

The University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute


UTARI’s Biomedical Technologies Division focuses on developing clinically translatable devices and systems to expand available treatment options and preventative measures. Based on our core technologies and expertise, we are focused on devices and systems for rehabilitation, preventive care, tissue regeneration, and wound healing. This seminar will focus on our bubble actuator technology for active projects including: dynamic prosthetic interfaces, an active seat cushion for pressure ulcer prevention, a hand rehabilitation glove and impact reduction liners for helmets. In addition, a neural interface for bioelectronics medicine applications and bioreactors for tissue regeneration and wound healing will also be presented.   


When:  Wednesday, September 9, at 1:00PM

Where: UTA's Nedderman Hall room 203