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Bell Helicopter Textron Donates to IPPM

Contribution from Bell Helicopter Textron comes to IPPM

The Institute for Predictive Performance Methodologies (IPPM) at UTARI has received a generous contribution of pre-impregnated composite materials from Bell Helicopter Textron. “The composite materials used in Bell Helicopter structures and in modern airplanes like the Lockheed F-35 and Boeing 787 are of special interest to the Institute for Predictive Performance Methodologies,” says Dr. Rassel Raihan, Faculty Associate Researcher. “A significant gift of such materials from the Bell Helicopter Corporation will make it possible to create and test new methodologies to predict the safety and reliability of such structures using some of the concepts and models under development at the IPPM.”

The gift from Bell Helicopter Textron was made possible through Vance Cribb, Manager of Non Metallic Materials and Processes with help from Justin Greenwood and Debra Macias.