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McNair to speak at AUVSI Innovation Hub, New Orleans, May 3, 5

Human-Robotics Interfaces and Growing Unmanned Systems Research Programs

Mike McNair, head of UTARI’s Automation & Intelligent Systems division will be a featured speaker at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International’s “Innovation Hub” on May 3 and 5. This is part of the activities offered by AUVSI’s Xponential 2016 conference being held in New Orleans May 2 – 5.

McNair’s topics include “Adaptive HRI in Cooperative Unmanned Systems” which focuses on UTARI development of human-robot interfaces that are interactive and intuitive, making use of multi-modal technologies and feedback that allow people to work with autonomy-enabled systems in a more natural way. This presentation will review some of the exciting avenues that are available and what UTARI is currently exploring. The second presentation, “So You Want to Start or Grow Your Unmanned Systems Research Program - Now What?” briefly looks at the business and programmatics of developing a research capability focusing on the technology options available in today's market. A focal point includes the build-up of a lab that supports UAS and UGV work and how many aspects of such a lab can be extended to water and space vehicles.

Innovation Hub:

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