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UTARI Researchers elevated to IEEE Senior Member

UTARI Researchers elevated to IEEE Senior Member

UTARI researchers Muthu Wijesundara and Aditya Das have been upgraded to Senior Member status by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

According to IEEE, the level of Senior Member is considered the highest grade for which a member of the organization may apply. Eligibility requirements include professional maturity and significant performance in their professional practice.

Wijesundara has instigated and augmented in conjunction with other organizations and institutes such funded projects as the Small Multi Modal Sensor Skin and Garments for Healthcare and Home Robots, the Pneumatically Actuated Soft-and-Rigid Hybrid System for Continuous Passive Motion in Post Stroke Hand Rehabilitation and the Automated Seat for Pressure Ulcer Prevention using Real-Time Mapping, Offloading, and Redistribution of Interface Pressure. Commercial success is also being seen with the Bioengineered Smart-Glove for Regenerative Healing of Extremity Trauma, or REHEAL Glove (a collaborative project developed by Wijesundara in cooperation with the University of Washington).Wijesundara currently heads UTARI’s Biomedical division.

Das' current research and development focus includes flexible manufacturing, heterogeneous system integration, low volume manufacturing, knowledge-based automation, miniaturization technology, and enhanced human-machine interface. Some of his projects have included collaboration in building a prototype for an implantable in-line shunt flow monitoring system that would deliver both on-demand and continuous readings of hydrocephalus, and designing a flexible manufacturing system that assembles small motors no bigger than a thimble. Das is the head of UTARI's Multiscale Manufacturing Technologies & Hybrid Systems division.

UTARI congratulates both Wijesundara and Das for this honor.