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Dr. Reifsnider to speak at Physics Department Colloquium

Dr. Reifsnider to speak at Colliquium

Physics Department
The University of Texas at Arlington



Heterogeneous Functional Materials (HeteroFoaM): Predictive Methodologies

Dr. Kenneth Reifsnider

Presidential Distinguished Professor 

 Director of the Institute for Predictive Performance Methodologies at UTA

UTAI and Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


Wednesday March 9, 2016

4:00 p.m. Room 101 Science Hall


Heterogeneous functional materials with functional void phases and surfaces, e.g., HeteroFoaM materials, are critical elements of many material systems and used in batteries, fuel cells and flow batteries, separation membranes, and capacitive devices. Such materials are typically multifunctional, and their reaction with applied mechanical, electrical, and thermal fields is the subject of design for performance. That design enterprise involves the constituents, their morphologies, and their interfaces and surfaces. The purpose of this discussion is to discuss  some of the challenges associated with the development of predictive methodologies for such material systems, and to identify the some approaches to achieving an understanding, constructing models and analysis, and predicting the behavior of such heterogeneous systems as a genre of materials. Fundamentals will be emphasized, but applications and demonstrations of the concepts will be featured as well. Applications discussed will include energy conversion and storage, materials processing, nuclear waste containment, and prognosis of behavior in fiber-reinforced materials.


Refreshments will be served at 3:30 p.m. in the Physics Library