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Dr. Reifsnider is part of plenary talk at ICEPT in Wuhan, China

Dr. Reifsnider is part of plenary talk at ICEPT in Wuhan, China

UTARI's Kenneth Reifsnider, Director of the Institute for Predictive Performance Methodologies was part of a distinguished panel for the Plenary Talk at the 17th International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology (ICEPT) in Wuhan, China on August 16-19, 2016. The conference offered attendees, experts, researchers and engineers from industry and academia numerous opportunities for discussion on state-of-the-art technologies in electronic packaging.

Dr. Reifsnider’s topic was titled “Frontiers in Material System Reliability for Product Technologies,” focusing on defining recent advances and challenges in the materials field and predicting behavior of heterogeneous systems as a genre of materials when driven by product technologies. 

Other notable speakers of this prestigious plenary panel included 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics winners Shuji Nakamura and Isamu Akasaki who developed a blue semiconductor laser on the basis of GaN, opening the way for a host of new applications of semiconductor lasers. 

A complete list of speakers of the plenary panel and their topics can be found at: