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Dr. Kenneth Reifsnider to Present at CALL

Dr. Kenneth Reifsnider to Present at Prestigious Composites at Lake Louise Conference

Kenneth Reifsnider, director of the Institute for Predictive Performance Methodology at The University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute (UTARI), will share his expertise as a speaker at the Composites at Lake Louise (CALL) Conference in Alberta, Canada, from Nov. 10-14.

Reifsnider, a member of the elite National Academy of Engineering and international expert on composite materials, will present on “Defect coupling: The last frontier in predicting the strength, life and durability of fiber reinforced composite laminates.” He will join more than 65 international leaders to share, discuss and learn about the latest innovations, discoveries and scientific quests within the discipline.

The CALL Conference is a unique forum for exploring the state-of-the-art techniques and future challenges pertaining to complex materials systems, ranging from structural composites to multi-functional materials used in device technological, engineering and biomedical applications.

Reifsnider is a world-renowned expert on heterogeneous, or composite, materials and has pioneered their development and application to aerospace structures, fuel scells, jet enginers and turbines. His signature book on material systems is widely cited and serves as the foundation for graduate courses at a leading institution. His research interests include durability, damage tolerance and strength-life relationships in material systems, performance and life prognosis, aging, material state changes, long term behavior, and fuel cell science and engineering.

UTARI is the research and development unit of The University of Texas at Arlington, specializing in applying cutting-edge technologies to real-world engineering problems. UTARI's vision is to become a premier research institute, transforming ideas into realities through unbounded research and innovative developments that sustain business and industry, advance humankind and benefit the global society.