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Networked Computing on the Edge at the CPS IoT Announces Three Winners

Networked Computing on the Edge at the CPS IoT Announces Three Winners

Three winners were selected at the CPS-IoT Week 2021 Student Design Competition: Networked Computing on the Edge on May 18th, 2021.

The winners were:
• First place winners are Sanket Lokhande, Ian Lau, and Hao Xu, University of Nevado, Reno, for their design project "Intelligent Multi-User Millimeter-Wave MIMO Systems with Multiple Edge Computing Relays.”
• Second place recipients are Reese Grimsley, Eve Hu, Bob Iannucci, Carnegie Mellon University, Edward Andert, Arizona State University, and Ian McCormack, University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire for their design project "One Program to Rule the Intersection."
• Third place went to Xiyuan Zhu, Andrew Charway, and Rosa Zheng, Lehigh University, for their design project "Video Transmission through Underwater Acoustic Channels."

Organized by Dr. Yan Wan, Professor, Electrical Engineering, of the University of Texas at Arlington, and Dr. Junfei Xie, Assistant Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering, San Diego State University, the competition invites student teams of all levels to develop and demonstrate innovative projects on the topic of networked computing for edge applications. Projects of integrated computing, control, and communication components on the ground, underwater, or air mobile platforms are welcomed.

Funded by an NSF CRI project grant, and sponsored by Nvidia Corporation, the competition included 15 university participants. Other sponsors included the University of Texas at Arlington, San Diego State University, and the AIAA Intelligent Systems Technical Committee.

For more information, please visit the competition website: