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UTARI Seminar

UTARI Seminar is held the last Friday of each month at 12:00PM (noon). Each seminar highlights a different speaker who will discuss their latest research projects, cutting-edge technology or what is happening within certain technological industries. These industries include biomedical technologies or microsystems, assistive technologies, automation and intelligent systems, unmanned systems, advanced manufacturing and composite materials.


Scott Cook and Joshua Wilson


Studio CreaTec: UTA’s Art-and-Art-History-Housed Initiative to Encourage Collaborative Granting and Research Opportunities Through the Application of Human-centered Design, Emerging Technology, Design Consultation, and Experiential Learning.


Studio CreaTec was founded on three core initiatives: First, we search for collaborative opportunities and apply a multi-disciplined creative approach to solve real-world problems – visual, interactive, functional, or otherwise. Second, we seek to provide undergraduate and graduate students with hands-on learning experiences through research grants, client work, or entrepreneurial enterprises. Finally, we conduct research and incorporate new forms of technology into the creative problem-solving process. We are working to build the momentum and creative discipline in our students and faculty in order to take learning and research beyond the classroom and engage it with the multi-talented and collaborative nature of our 21st century industrial and academic communities. The Studio works to contribute significantly to new knowledge, our participants’ intellectual development, and seeks to enhance creative and critical thinking economically and culturally impacting North Texas and its communities. This new curriculum and studio continues to be designed for the creative and inquisitive mind. This seminar will allow you to meet a few of the creative individuals who make up the Studio CreaTec team, and learn about how they have been working to apply human-centered design methodology and the creative process to enhance grant-based research and put engaging content in front of the eyes and ears of varied audiences.

Bio: Scott Cook

G. Scott Cook is currently the Coordinator of Studio CreaTec and teaches Information Visualization, Web Typography, and Emerging Technology Studio courses as an assistant professor of Visual Communication at the University of Texas - Arlington. He received his Master of Fine Arts from the university of Nebraska - Lincoln in 2013. As a nationally and internationally shown studio artist and designer, his works in the media of Interactive Design, Print, Drawing, Audio Recording/Performance, and Installation tend to engage layers of connection informed by correspondence, change through time and distance, acceptable loss, broken-ness, and reconstitution. In much of his studio work specific documentation is precisely remade/reconstructed, real-world objects are translated through digital space and back to become opportunistically formed/altered sculpture or sound, and found objects are frequently observed with totemic importance. His studio and teaching practices revolve around the creative application of Art/Design principles to emerging technology/digital fabrication, and the building of opportunistic bridges between traditional Visual Communication/Design and expanded artist practices in interactivity, programming, parametric/generative design, physical computing, sound, bespoke electronics, and making machines that make art.

Bio: Joshua Wilson

Joshua Wilson is a newly pointed assistant professor who teaches Game Design and Development, App Design, and Packaging in the Art + Art History Department at UT Arlington. He was awarded a Master of Fine Arts from UT Arlington in 2015 for his work in gaming, simulations, and interactive scenes. Josh’s skillset include concept art, branding, 3D modeling, texturing, UX/UI, programming, sound FX and special FX. He studies the topics of human-centered design, game design, interactive design, and visual storytelling. His research focuses on the design of captivating experiences to create effective learning environments; the topics of which, can range anywhere from rehabilitation, job training simulations, mobile games to encourage STEM participation, and finally to children’s book.


Friday, September 29, 2017


12pm (noon)-1pm


7300 Jack Newell Boulevard South
Fort Worth, TX 76118-7115