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UTARI Seminar

UTARI Seminar is held the last Friday of each month at 12:00PM (noon). Each seminar highlights a different speaker who will discuss their latest research projects, cutting-edge technology or what is happening within certain technological industries. These industries include biomedical technologies or microsystems, assistive technologies, automation and intelligent systems, unmanned systems, advanced manufacturing and composite materials.


Sleep in a Tech-World


The overarching goal of the work conducted in the Sleep Research Lab, under the direction of Dr. Roane, is to better understand how sleep may act as an environmental variable altering the trajectory of chronic medical conditions and psychopathology. Sleep is both a biological need and a choice making the study of sleep both fascinating and complex. Insufficient sleep and poor quality sleep adversely impact health and wellness. Yet, 70% of Americans across all age groups experience one or both and at least 40 million Americans have a chronic sleep disorder. However, sleep is a targetable behavior. Thus, a greater understanding of how sleep patterns and sleep disorders influences these conditions will contribute greatly to health and wellness with the development of novel and effective interventions to improve health outcomes. In order to accomplish this goal, Dr. Roane’s research focuses on three areas: assessment and treatment of sleep and sleep disorders, influence of sleep on physiological and psychological health, and sleep throughout the lifespan. Research projects include clinical, laboratory, and public health studies such as experimentally manipulating sleep parameters and examining how these changes impact obesity-related behaviors such as physical activity and eating. Technology development and testing is also an integral part of the research at the Sleep Research Lab. In addition to her research, Dr. Roane provides clinical services to children, teens, families and adults for the treatment of sleep disorders.


Dr. Brandy M. Roane is a clinical scientist by training with a specialization in sleep and circadian rhythms. Dr. Roane received her PhD in Clinical Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine from the University of North Texas following completion of her APA-accredited behavioral pediatrics psychology internship at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Munroe-Meyer Institute. She completed her post-doctoral training, focused on sleep and circadian rhythms, at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Currently, Dr. Roane holds a dual-appointment as an Associate Professor of Physiology and Anatomy in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of North Texas Health Science Center and Associate Professor of Medical Education in the School of Medicine at the Texas Christian University and University of North Texas Health Science Center. In addition to directing the Sleep Research Lab, she is actively involved in medical education, faculty development, and clinical services.




12pm (noon)-1pm


7300 Jack Newell Boulevard South
Fort Worth, TX 76118-7115