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UTARI Seminar

UTARI Seminar is held the last Friday of each month at 12:00PM (noon). Each seminar highlights a different speaker who will discuss their latest research projects, cutting-edge technology or what is happening within certain technological industries. These industries include biomedical technologies or microsystems, assistive technologies, automation and intelligent systems, unmanned systems, advanced manufacturing and composite materials.

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Mike McNair, Innovation Manager - Bell


A Multi-Disciplinary Look at On Demand Air Mobility


Many people are familiar with different forms of ground based On Demand Mobility – whether in the form of bicycles, automobiles or other methods. Services for scheduling, sharing and operation are popular and are in wide use utilizing existing regulation, roadways and infrastructure. Air based On Demand Mobility is rapidly advancing into the publics near term awareness and use; with it comes some considerations that are common to ground based options but with some unique considerations for air transport.

This presentation provides not only a general update on air based On Demand Mobility vehicles but also looks at the policy, regulatory, liability, infrastructure, maintenance, training, logistics and support that will be needed to create this unique ecosystem. It is very clear that researchers and practitioners must join together in a collaborative and multi-disciplinary effort with the purpose of evolving radical change in air transport.


Mike McNair has been a technology leader in military/defense, academic and commercial environments for over 30 years. In his current role at Bell – Textron, he is leading autonomy research and development work that will be incorporated into Bell’s future platforms.

Academically, Mike brings a B.S. in Physics from Texas A&M University and an M.S. in Systems Engineering from The George Washington University. He has held his PMI Project Management Professional certification since 2007. Professionally, he has participated in and led numerous research and engineering efforts ranging from hand-held gas detectors to satellite systems and military aircraft simulators to autonomous vehicles. He has had technical and programmatic responsibility for programs valued from $50k to those in excess of $50M.

With specific reference to unmanned vehicles, he is a current member of AUVSI and AHS. He serves on the SAE AS-4 committee for unmanned system standards, ANSI UAS Standardization Collaborative, and ASTM F-44 committee. He was also the Lead System Integrator (LSI) Chief Architect for Unmanned Systems on the US Army’s Future Combat Systems/BCTM program. This role was held concurrently with the LSI Chief Software Engineer position for Unmanned Systems on the same project. Mike led the Automation and Intelligent Systems division at the University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute before going back into industry at Bell.

His current work at Bell is focused on efforts in autonomy, flight controls, and user experience for Bell’s future aircraft. He leads the core efforts in these areas at Bell and takes a collaborative approach to partnering, seeking the “best of the best” for potential partnerships.




12pm (noon)-1pm


7300 Jack Newell Boulevard South
Fort Worth, TX 76118-7115