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Institute for Predictive Performance Methodologies

Past Institute for Predictive Performance Methodologies Research

Modeling, Simulation and Sensing of Progressive Damage at Multiple Scales for Performance Prognosis in Composite Aero Structures (Air Force): This research resulted in the first-ever demonstration of dielectric methods for detecting fatigue damage in composite materials during fatigue loading, and the use of such methods to predict remaining strength and life of individual specimens. Publication of these results won the Silver Award from the Royal Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2010.


Progressive Failure of Polymer-Based Composite Materials and Structures (Navy and GD Electric Boat): This program resulted in the development of predictive methods for blast-rate loading of composite structures to enable the reliable design and implementation of composite materials beyond first ply failure with resulting major savings in cost of design, construction, and use of composite structures. Nonlinear constitutive theory was created and incorporated into UMAT and VAMT modules in ABAQUS and all codes were transferred to GDEB and the Navy.