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Automation and Intelligent Systems Research

Robotic Platforms

UTARI has several robotic platforms, including mobile ground and aerial robotic platforms, manipulator arms, and custom-made robotic platforms. These platforms are used for training and education, standardized testing for algorithm development, and for the enhancement of current operating systems. Our existing platforms are summarized in the following table.

Kuka youBot Mobile platform with manipulator
Turtle Bot Mobile platform with ROS
Eye dog Custom-made robot for guiding blind
Pride Jazzy 614 Power Chair Motorized wheel chair
NI mobile robot Mobile robot platform for teaching and research
Pioneer mobile robot  Navigating four-wheel skid-steer machine
Labo 3 mobile robot Autonomous mobile robot platform
Zeno humanoid From Hanson Robotics
PR2 Social Robot from Willow Garage
DR20 Dragon Runner, a gift from QNA
RNA robot Robotic Nursing Assistant, a gift from RE2
Khepera III Wheel mobile vehicle by KTeam
Baxter Personal robot from rethink robotics
Denso VS-6577GM 6 DOF articulated arm
High performance computation center Robot Operating System (ROS), Gazebo