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Advisory Committees

Advisory committees work on a variety of key topics and issues of concern. Action items voted on and approved by committees are brought to the WFSN executive team before the WFSN body vote for review. If approved, actions items go to administration. 

Current charges of the WFSN Standing Committees:

  • Ethics Committee – To provide guidance to women in pursuit of a supportive, ethical environment
  • Tenure/Promotion/Annual-Review Issues Committee – To provide guidance for the tenure/promotion and/or annual review processes
  • Mentoring, Outreach, and Membership Committee – To facilitate and enhance mentoring, outreach, membership, and networking events for women, both within the network and externally
  • Achievement and Advancement Committee – To recognize women’s achievements and to facilitate activities to help women at all levels advance
  • Wellness Committee – To assist members with balancing their personal, career, physical, and mental health demands
  • Women of Color Committee – To identify and address issues and opportunities that might be unique to women of color
  • Diversity Committee – To identify and address issues and opportunities to promote diversity
  • Special Projects Committee – To handle any item that does not fit logically somewhere else.

Interested in joining an advisory committee? Fill out the online form: