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The Women’s & Gender Studies Program provides UTA’s undergraduate and graduate students with a flexible and coherent education around the history, significance and social perceptions of gender and sexuality. Our mission is to promote discourse around gender and sexuality within the UTA community, explore social norms and history of gender and sexual identity, and deepen the understanding of complex and critical issues regarding women, gender and sexuality. The program also works to support scholarly research related to gender by our students and faculty. 

Women's and Gender Studies | College of Liberal Arts


In 1974 The University of Texas at Arlington created the UTA Center for Women’s Studies, beginning its story in the world of gender-related academics. By 1991, UTA officially created the Women’s Studies Program, which offered an undergraduate minor in women’s studies. From its humble beginnings, the program has been able to expand to include approximately 28 cross-listed courses across 14 departments and over 40 faculty members teaching these qualified classes. 

In Fall 2011, the program reintroduced itself as the Women’s and Gender Studies program, marking its 20th anniversary on UTA’s campus. This milestone showcased the longevity and importance of the program and its continued growth here at UTA. 

For a complete history of UTA’s WGS program visit here.

Women's and Gender Studies | College of Liberal Arts


Women’s and Gender Studies Co-Sponsored and Sponsored Events for Fall 2019

8/26-8/28/19 - Welcome Back with Coffee & Pastries
  • Women’s and Gender Studies Lounge (UH 223) from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Students and faculty are welcome to stop by for a snack and conversation as we start the new semester.

10/2/19 - Domestic Violence Awareness Month Resource Fair

  • 11-1 PM, Brazos Park
10/3/19 - Ballet Nepantla
  • Texas Hall, 6.30p.m. - 8.30p.m.
  • The show focuses on the history and contributions of Mexican women during the Mexican Revolution, a fascinating chapter of Mexican history. Inspired by the genre-defying, boundary blurring work of borderlands writer Gloria Anzaldua, Ballet Nepantla is a fusion of traditional, classical, and contemporary dance forms. The show takes on the spirit of the Mexican Revolution in its dynamism and energy and its celebration of traditional forms and embrace of new ideas. This show nicely captures the intent of Hispanic Heritage month in its elevation of Latinx performers exploring cultural and historical themes that have been central to the development of both Mexico and the United States.
10/7/19 - Queering Storytime: The Transformative Potential of LGBTQ Children's Books with Dr. Jennifer Miller 
  • 12-1 PM in UTA Central Library 6th Floor
  • This event introduces attendees to LGBTQ children's picture books published in the US between 1979 and 2019. After a brief talk about the dynamic history of LGBTQ children's picture books, Jennifer facilitates a queer storytime. Attendees will have the opportunity to share their own interpretations. Then, Jennifer introduces a reading strategy she developed, Critical Intersectional Queer Analysis (CIQA), to discuss the transformative potential of queer children's literature. 
  • Free Lunch
10/9/19 - Survivor of Relationship Violence with Author & UTA Alumni, Dr. Audrey Snowden
  • 12:00-1:30, UTA Library
  • Free Lunch
10/11/19 - Annual Drag Show!
  • 7-9 PM, Rosebud Theater in University Center
10/14/19 - LGBTQ+ Student, Faculty & Staff Art Work Display
  • University Center Gallery  
10/15/19 - LGBTQ+ Speaker Highlight: Clinical Sex Therapist, Edward Angelini-Cooke, LMSW, MEd
  • "The Power in Finding Your Inner Unicorn"
  • 12-1 PM, Carlisle Room of University Center
  • Free Lunch - Will also present from 5-6 PM
10/16/19 - Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Violence Against Indigenous Women Conference @ UTA

10/17/19 - International Prounouns Day
  • 11-1 PM UC Mall
  • Stop by & Grab Your Pronoun Pin! 
10/17/19: -  LGBTQ+ Study Night Social
  • 5-7 PM, Nueces A in The Commons
  • Free Pizza 
10/21/19: -  Out 2 Dinner with Dr. Miriam Abelson
  • 5:00-6:30 PM in UTA Library
  • Free Dinner
10/23/19: -  Pride Picnic
  • 12-1 PM, Library Green Space
  • Free Panera  
10/29/19: -  Relationship Violence and Domestic Abuse Program (RVSP) Lunch & Learn on Taco Tuesday 
  • 12:00-1:00 University Center, Carlisle
  • Free Tacos & Nacho Bar for lunch
12/2 – 12/4/19: -  Student Self Care in the WGS office
  • Sponsored by Triota (WGS Honor Society)

For more information, please visit events.uta.edu.

Women's and Gender Studies | College of Liberal Arts