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Women’s and Gender Studies News and more 

UTA Women's History Month 2021

March is Women's History Month, and several events are scheduled throughout the month to celebrate. For a full listing, go to the Events section.

UTA Monologues needs you and your story

UTA Monologues is a new event that creates the opportunity for your story to be shared with the UTA community. The stories can range from funny (Ex. an awkward first encounter with a roommate on move-in day) to serious (a recounting of one’s sexual assault on campus and the impact of living on campus afterwards), academic life (the failures and successes of life in the classroom at UTA) to social life (Greek life at the university), critique (UTA must improve on X for students to be seen), to celebration (this is my coming out story) and anything in between. The stories will be read at the live event on Wednesday, April 21st 2021, 6PM-8PM in Rosebud Theatre!

WHAT TO DO: Write a story detailing a moment in your UTA experience and submit it for review by Tuesday, February 9th, by midnight. If selected, your story will be one of the powerful stories read at the live event on April 21st. But hurry and send yours today! Submissions will close Tuesday, Feb. 9th at midnight.

CRITERIA: All story topics accepted. The story must be a true story that you (the writer) have experienced. It should be an original story and not based on other copyrighted work. Minimum of 400 words, maximum of 600 words

HOW TO SUBMIT: Digital submissions only. For full consideration, submissions must be submitted to the link Story Submissions and uploaded as a PDF file.

SELECTION: Once the reviewers read & select the stories to move forward, you will be notified if yours was selected. This will happen by Friday, February 19. You will receive ‘notes’ from the evaluators and have the opportunity to address those notes and revise your project. Your rewrite will be due March 4th.

Any questions please email Jewlz Davis at julian.humphreydavis@uta.edu

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WGS January 2021 Newsletter

To be added to the WGS Newsletter mailing list, send a request to womensstudies@uta.edu

Spring Advising Hours

Call or email the Women's & Gender Studies Advisor, Trudi Beckman to talk about all things Woms classes!
Monday: 9am to 11am
Wednesday: 3pm to 5pm
Thursday: 11.30am to 1.30pm

Office: 817.272.3131
Email:  tbeckman@uta.edu

Support our program & students: We have t-shirts for sale. See the images below for a look at the front and back of our new shirts. T-shirts are $10 plus tax. You can pick them up on campus or have them mailed (for an additional fee). Purchasing a t-shirt helps support our program events and students! Click here to order online

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Women's and Gender Studies | College of Liberal Arts


Women’s and Gender Studies Co-Sponsored and Sponsored Events for Spring 2021
  WHM 2021

What Feminism Means

Open our UTA Women's History Month 2021 booklet for more events.

FREE Virtual Event
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Wednesday, March 10, noon-1pm CST
Dr. Davina Durban presents "A Decade of Innovation: Statistics in the Fight Against Modern Slavery"

Dr. Durgana is an award-winning international human rights statistician who has developed leading global models to assess risk and vulnerability to modern slavery. A faculty member at National Defense University and visiting faculty at Oxford University’s Green Templeton College, Dr. Durgana is a report co-author and senior statistician on the Walk Free initiative’s Global Slavery Index and Senior Multilateral Engagement Advisor for the Minder Foundation. She served as Assistant Professor of Sustainable Development at SIT Graduate Institute in D.C. and has multiple awards, both national and international, including a Forbes Top 30 Under 30 in Science for 2017 for her work on statistical modeling, human security theory, and human trafficking. In addition, she is an inaugural 2020-2022 Ambassador for the American Association for the Advancement of Science to motivate women and girls to pursue STEM careers.

FREE Virtual Event (12noon Talk) (6pm Talk)
Wednesday, March 24, noon-1pm CST and 6-7pm CST
Lola Olufemi - Black feminist writer organizer and researcher from London. Author of Feminism, Interrupted: Disrupting Power presents "Imagining Feminist Futures"

Feminism book cover

“More than just a slogan on a t-shirt, feminism is a radical tool for fighting back against structural violence and injustice. Feminism, Interrupted is a bold call to seize feminism back from the cultural gatekeepers and return it to its radical roots. Lola Olufemi explores state violence against women, the fight for reproductive justice, transmisogyny, gendered Islamophobia and solidarity with global struggles, showing that the fight for gendered liberation can change the world for everybody when we refuse to think of it solely as women's work. Including testimonials from Sisters Uncut, migrant groups working for reproductive justice, prison abolitionists and activists involved in the international fight for Kurdish and Palestinian rights, Olufemi emphasises the link between feminism and grassroots organising. Reclaiming feminism from the clutches of the consumerist, neoliberal model, Feminism, Interrupted shows that when 'feminist' is more than a label, it holds the potential for radical transformative work.”


Stay tuned throughout the semester as additional WGS programs may pop up.

Women's and Gender Studies | College of Liberal Arts


The Women’s & Gender Studies Program provides UTA’s undergraduate and graduate students with a flexible and coherent education around the history, significance and social perceptions of gender and sexuality. Our mission is to promote discourse around gender and sexuality within the UTA community, explore social norms and history of gender and sexual identity, and deepen the understanding of complex and critical issues regarding women, gender and sexuality. The program also works to support scholarly research related to gender by our students and faculty. 

Women's and Gender Studies | College of Liberal Arts


In 1974 The University of Texas at Arlington created the UTA Center for Women’s Studies, beginning its story in the world of gender-related academics. By 1991, UTA officially created the Women’s Studies Program, which offered an undergraduate minor in women’s studies. From its humble beginnings, the program has been able to expand to include approximately 28 cross-listed courses across 14 departments and over 40 faculty members teaching these qualified classes. 

In Fall 2011, the program reintroduced itself as the Women’s and Gender Studies program, marking its 20th anniversary on UTA’s campus. This milestone showcased the longevity and importance of the program and its continued growth here at UTA. 

For a complete history of UTA’s WGS program visit here.

Women's and Gender Studies | College of Liberal Arts