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Art   ( Week 1 )
AP Studio Art (new teachers)
Trish Winnard

Course Description

An overview of Pre-AP and AP Studio Art will be examined and discussed. Strategies and tips for organization and implementation the studio course will follow. Participants will engage in a series of new activities using a variety of methods according to their level of expertise. This study will include both technological, photographical and by-hand surface preparation processes. This body of work could be in the form of a deconstructed journal, surface preparations using strategies developed by the instructor, or an independent study. Participants will be introduced to creating a blog, the use apps and You Tube videos and discuss the implications of using the technology in the AP Studio Art course. Participants will engage in creative imagery exercises to stimulate creative choice with their students. The issue of teaching students benchmarks for "quality" in art forms will be addressed with the use of reflective, summative and oral evaluation systems. The Reading 2015 and scoring the portfolios will be reviewed and discussed, from the vantage point of a reader, through an overview of images. AP Central and other instructional resources will also be discussed and shared.

Items to Bring

  • 1. Apron
  • 2. Assortment of papers, paints, brushes, drawing mediums
  • 3. Rubber gloves
  • 4. Sketchbook
  • 5. Hardbound used book
  • 6. Photos
  • 7. Misc. collage supplies
  • 8. Small hardside box
  • 9. Digital camera/USB connection cords
  • 10. CDs
  • 11. Jump drive
  • 12. Card reader
  • 13. Laptop computer NOTE: I am going green this year. I will provide participants with workshop materials on a CD or flash drives only. Please let the summer institute director know if you would like a hard copy.
  • 14. Favorite websites and "best practices/lesson plan to share
  • Any other "stuff" you want to bring !

Biographical Sketch for Trish Winnard

Patricia has taught art for 43 years and Advanced Placement Studio Art for 24 years. She is a Fulbright Scholar, National Board Certified Teacher and a NAEA Teacher of Distinction. Over her teaching career she has received the AP Outstanding Recognition Award, Teacher of the Year, finalist for Oklahoma State Teacher of the Year, Oklahoma Art Teacher of the Year, Secondary Art Teacher of the Year, Western Region Art Teacher of the Year, and finalist for National Art Teacher of the Year. She has done extensive brain research with renowned author and originator of the Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardner, at Harvard University. She has received over $70,000.00 in grant funding. Patricia is an AP Studio Art Reader. She has conducted over 150 1, 2-day and summer training institutes as a consultant for the College Board for the last 18 years. She was a guest lecturer at the 2008 and 2012 AP National Convention. She taught AP Studio Art in Beijing, China as an exchange professor with the Freeman Foundation in 2011. She is a published writer and illustrator for Christian children books. She is currently an AP Studio Art teacher at Heritage Hall Upper School in Oklahoma City where she began and has nurtured a thriving program for the last 14 years. She is also a mentor for the Master Teaching Program for the Oklahoma City Schools and Integris Health Network. Last year she was selected to participate in the Robert Rauschenberg Project in Washington DC. This year she was selected as one of the 2015 Cambridge University Who's Who Among Executive and Professional Women in Teaching and Education. While teaching teachers across the country I am often asked; how do you get your students to perform at a level of excellence? I always simply reply as Michelangelo did when sculpting his immense figures. . . It is already there, I only help to bring it out.


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