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Foreign Language   ( Week 1 )
Pre-AP Spanish (Combined teachers)
Alma Gonzalez
Target grade(s): 6 - 8

Course Description

Practice Pre-AP and AP strategies through hands-on lessons for all facets of middle school and high school English/Language Arts. Spend quality time on the smooth integration of these ideas into existing lesson plans while learning to incorporate these techniques into student writing. Discover techniques to get varied sentence structure in student writing by understanding the basic concepts of syntactical analysis through several assorted activities. Find out how to help students understand the nuances of tone and style as it relates to the author's purpose in diction, expanded vocabulary, and syntax to improve student voice in writing. Facilitate analysis and higher analytical cognitive skills in your students while having fun but not by reinventing the wheel. A comprehensive resource list will be provided in the course materials.

Items to Bring

  • Highlighter
  • Post-it notes or tabs
  • Writing materials
  • Literature textbook or a list of teaching selections
  • Novels or a list of novels
  • Computer if desired

Biographical Sketch for Alma Gonzalez

Alma González has taught in the public schools for over 30 years. She has served as Department Head of the Foreign Language Dept. for 18 years. She has been a Spanish AP Reader for 9 years and has served as a Table Leader as well. She has experience teaching Spanish Language AP and Spanish Literature AP. She is also been an adjunct professor and University of Texas-Brownsville for 10 years and at Gladys Porter High School in Brownsville, TX. For 28 years.She has served as consultant for College Board for 12 years. Currently she works for the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley as a part time lecturer for the Department of Education.


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