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Mathematics   ( Week 1 )
AP Calculus AB (Combined teachers)
Stacey McMullen
Target grade(s): 11th-12th grades

Course Description

AB Calculus is a course designed for teachers who would like teaching strategies, methods and materials on how to prepare students for success in Advanced Placement Calculus. During this week, participants will learn how to introduce challenging concepts utilizing a variety of activities, incorporate the new pedagogy and topics of the Advanced Placement program into their curriculum, and integrate technology and the internet for a more interactive classroom. In addition, teachers will collaborate together on discovery lessons, learn techniques to assist those students who are under-prepared, and play teacher-made games to emphasize retention of the calculus. Two major themes, rigor in the classroom and student thinking, will be stressed and modeled all week. You will need to bring a jump drive, and most importantly, your energy and enthusiasm to participate in this fun-filled learning experience!

Items to Bring

  • flash drive

Biographical Sketch for Stacey McMullen

I taught mathematics over 19 years before I finally got the opportunity to teach Advanced Placement Calculus. I always loved teaching high school math, but after my first day of teaching AP Calculus, I thought, "I was born to do this!" I love the age group, the mathematical banter of calculus back and forth with the students, and the competitiveness of an AP exam. I taught AP Calculus for the past 17 years, gaining experience in two districts vastly different in the makeup of their student populations. Therefore, I have developed a wide variety of strategies and techniques to assist students in becoming successful in AP Calculus.

This is my second year to enjoy my retirement from my position as an AP Calculus Lead Teacher in an inner city district in Dallas, Texas. I taught AB/BC Calculus at two high schools and mentored the calculus teachers at five other high schools. In addition, I wrote the calculus curriculum for the district, taught and trained vertical teams, and did hours upon hours of tutoring. I thrived in these low-income schools getting favorable results from students who lacked the necessary mathematical background and resources.

Now that I have more time, I am exploring an additional professional avenue with a new home-based business while continuing to grow my educational consulting business. However, I am not all work and no play! I am taking great pleasure in having NO alarm clock, traveling, visiting with friends, and spending more time with one not so nice cat and two lively, loving dogs.


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