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Science   ( Week 1 )
AP Physics C: Mech and Elec & Magn (Combined teachers)
Jeff Funkhouser
Target grade(s): 10 - 12

Course Description

This institute is structured primarily for teachers new to the AP Physics C course with three years or less experience teaching the curriculum. Participants at this summer institute will focus their efforts on understanding the forms of response students are expected to provide on both Free Response questions and Multiple Choice questions. They will investigate a question from the 2015 AP C Mechanics test in detail developing a comprehensive answer to all parts, designing a scoring rubric, comparing that rubric to the officially released version, and using the official rubric to score students samples from the 2015 Reading. Additional work will allow participants to develop a sense of the scope of the C-Mechanics course and develop and use basic mechanics lab exercises both in the classroom and through online simulation websites. If time and participant interest allow, some work will be done with the AP Physics 1 and/or AP Physics C-Electricity & Magnetism courses as well. A comprehensive set of ancillary resources will be shared with all participants that will include editable versions of all released free response questions from 1976 through 2013 as well as the complete multiple choice tests from 1984, 88, 93, 98, and 2004 for both Physics B and C.

Items to Bring

  • Scientific calculator (TI-84 style will be used and modeled)
  • Laptop onto which software can be loaded (some school machines are locked down)
  • An electronic copy of your favorite student lab to share with other participants

Biographical Sketch for Jeff Funkhouser

Jeff Funkhouser has been teaching physics at the academic, Pre-AP and AP levels for more than a quarter century in the North Texas area. He currently serves as the science department chair at Greenhill School in Addison, TX. He has worked as Exam Leader, Question Leader, Table Leader and Reader at the annual AP Physics Reading in June since summer 2002. He served on the AP Physics B test development committee from 2009 to 2013 including as the co-chair of that committee during the last three years of its existence. In addition to performing consulting duties in the areas of Pre-AP and AP Physics by delivering workshop sessions, full-day trainings and week long summer institutes regionally, nationally, and internationally since 1999, Jeff has been mentoring new physics consultants since 2013.


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