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Social Studies   ( Week 1 )
AP Human Geography (Combined teachers)
Paul Gray
Target grade(s): 9-12

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Course Description

Teachers will review course content, lesson strategies and resources for teaching each of the major course topics. The workshop will focus on effective teaching strategies, activities, and the student preparation necessary for success on the AP Exam. Upon completion of the institute, participants should be able to begin developing their own course outline, syllabus, and assessment tools. The workshop will be interactive and discussion-oriented. Teachers are encouraged to interact actively throughout the week. No participant question or comment should be considered too small or too large.

This course will focus on setting up the AP Human Geography (APHG) classroom and strategies for first-time teachers. Experienced APHG teachers can bring their perspectives and lesson ideas to assist new teachers. Both new and experienced APHG teachers will come away with new ideas and approaches to the course. All participants will discuss the seven units of instruction, available classroom resources, and strategies and techniques to use in the AP Human Geography classroom.

Topics will include the following:

  • AP Access and Equity
  • AP Audit
  • Qualifications for Teaching AP Geography
  • Teaching the content of the APHG Course Outline
  • Using Multiple Textbooks and Supplementary Materials
  • Videos, YouTube, Blogs and other online resources
  • Using Photographs, Signage and other real-world geographies
  • Thinking Geographically, Spatially and Applying Academic Materials to Real-World Examples
  • Course Outline: 1. Geography's Nature and Perspectives; 2. Population; 3. Culture, Ethnicity, Gender, Language, Religion
    4. Political; 5. Agriculture; 6. Urban; 7. Economic
  • Field Work, Field Trips and Class Research Projects
  • Rigorous Classroom Exams and the AP Exam
  • AP Exam Preparation

Items to Bring

  • 3-5 of your lessons you teach in APHG, if you are experienced
  • 3-5 of your favorite geography lessons to share if you teach geography
  • Textbook you use (if you have one)

Biographical Sketch for Paul Gray

Paul Gray has taught social sciences and humanities for the past 23 years, AP Human Geography since 2000 and a combined AP Human Geography/AP Environmental Science course for three years at Russellville High School in Russellville, Arkansas, where he is chair of the social sciences and humanities department. He has been an adjunct instructor of human and regional geography at Arkansas Tech University. Mr. Gray has been a reader, table leader, question leader and exam leader at the AP Human Geography Reading for the past 15 years and has presented at numerous geographic conferences throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. He is a former member of the AP Human Geography test development committee. In 2008, he was named Arkansas Teacher of the Year by the Arkansas Department of Education. Paul was selected as the 2008 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow by the National Geographic Society and traveled on a National Geographic expedition to Antarctica. Mr. Gray received the distinguished teaching award from the National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) in 2003 and was named Russellville's teacher of the year in 2004 and 2008. Paul was the 2013 President of the NCGE and is co-author of the recently released 11th edition AP version and 11th edition AP Study Guide companion to the Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture textbook by Fouberg, Murphy and de Blij published by Wiley. He also is a partner in iScore5, which produces mobile phone apps for exam prep in AP human geography and AP psychology. Paul was also a committee member on the writing team of Geography for Life, the 2nd Edition national geography standards and the writing team of the Road Map for the 21st Century Geography Education Project - Instructional Materials and Professional Development Committee.


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