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Social Studies   ( Week 1 )
Pre-AP Social Studies MS (Combined teachers)
Joseph Eberhard

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Course Description

A primary focus of Pre-AP is to prepare students with the necessary skills to be successful in A.P. courses, specifically writing skills. There are several perceptual barriers for students when learning how to write timed, in-class essay exams. The week is structured to address the affective and cognitive skills that will help students overcome these barriers. Additionally, this training will help teachers deal with the barriers to grading large numbers of essay exams. While this Summer Institute provides instruction on skills for all students, participants from campuses with higher percentages of economically disadvantaged students will find that the activities were designed with "at risk" students in mind. Participating teachers will practice strategies that "coach for effort", makes student organization a habit, and how to create lessons that develop skills as well as content knowledge. This Summer Institute will demonstrate how a Pre-AP class can retain academic rigor while also addressing the increased pressures to focus only on standardized exams.

Items to Bring

  • Fully charged Laptop or iPad (optional)

Biographical Sketch for Joseph Eberhard

Dr. Joseph Eberhard teaches at William Adams Middle School and Alice High School in Alice, Texas. He has been teaching for 18 years, the last 15 years in Pre-AP. Additionally, Dr. Eberhard coaches Academic Decathlon, Academic Octathlon, and Academic Pentathlon at a Title One school and has won a combined 24 state championships using the principles from the Pre-AP classroom. The chess teams he coaches have also won a combined 7 state championships and 4 national titles. Dr. Eberhard was the TAGT State Teacher of the Year in 2002, Alice ISD's Teacher of the Year, ATPE's Christi McAuliffe Grant for Teaching Excellence in 2002, and the 2008 Texas Academic Decathlon Coach of the Year.


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