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Campus ERCOT Energy Usage Reduction Request


Campus Preparations for Excessive Heat

In anticipation of high temperatures and expected higher demand on the University’s chill water cooling system, UTA Facilities Management is taking several steps to manage chill water use and is recommending measures the campus community should take to lessen cooling demands in buildings.


Conserve Energy During Extreme Weather

Excessive heat is forecast through the end of the week in North Texas, which places a strain on the state’s energy resources and puts individuals at risk for heat-related illness.

The UTA community can help lessen the load on energy resources by taking these actions:

  • Turn off lights when not needed
  • Leave office lights off in naturally well-lit interior spaces
  • Keep any operable windows closed
  • Keep window shades closed when feasible, particularly windows that experience direct sunlight
  • Keep fume hood sashes closed when not in use
  • Shut off unused office or lab equipment

To effectively manage increased cooling system demands, UTA Facilities Management will be taking actions that may include:

  • Raising temperature set-points by 1-2 degrees in buildings that have heavier use
  • Cooling certain buildings more than normal during off-peak demand hours