Sustainability Dashboard

UTA’s Sustainability Dashboard is a dynamic, frequently-updated resource that the Office of Sustainability uses to share key performance metrics with UTA's campus community.

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UTA's energy usage is measured by “energy use intensity,” which is the amount of energy used divided by the number of square feet.

See UTA's Energy Usage



UTA's water usage dashboard illustrates our water usage over the years, including a normalization showing water use per square foot.

See UTA's Water Usage



UTA's food dashboard provides data on food recovery and composting (pre consumer and post-consumer).

See UTA's Donated Food and Composting



UTA tracks waste generation, waste diversion, and waste reduction.

See UTA's Produced Waste


Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The reduction of UTA's greenhouse gas emissions are broken down by source, square feet, and campus users.

See UTA's Greenhouse Gas Emissions



UTA's use of three key transportation programs contributes to the overall lowering of fossil fuels and GHG emissions.

See UTA's Public Transportation Usage

We Want to Hear From you

If you utilize our data and use it in research or a class project, we'd love to hear how you used the data and what you learned! We will continue to update the dashboard and welcome your questions, feedback, and suggestions at