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In his new book, Ghost Particle, physics Professor Alan Chodos and his co-author, journalist James Riordon, recount the dramatic history of the neutrino.
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Yuze Alice Sun

A device to quickly analyze gas

Yuze “Alice” Sun is building a wearable device that could rapidly analyze gases and provide potentially life-saving information for wearers.

Illustration by Brian Stauffer

Study shows increased mental health risk in nurses

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses have experienced higher levels of burnout and associated mental health risks.


Measuring the impact of hookah size

A group of public health researchers is undertaking a first-of-its-kind examination of the health effects of hookah use.

Health Matters


Read more about how UTA's faculty are pioneering changes in the healthcare field.

Focus on Infrastructure Innovations


System will help prioritize maintenance

Suyun Ham, civil engineering associate professor, is developing an Automatic Crack Evaluation (ACE) system

Illustration by Dan Page

Predicting Future Water Pipeline Damage

Taking a cue from financiers and investment planners, Mohsen Shahandashti is using the principles of risk aversion to help prioritize maintenance for urban water pipeline systems

Kyeong Rok Ryu

Quantifying the Benefits of Roadside Vegetation

Construction management Assistant Professor Kyeong Rok Ryu is helping cultivate a better-looking Texas by creating best practices for roadside vegetation.

Infrastructure Innovations

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Check out how UTA faculty are leading the charge on overhauling infrastructure.

Focus on a more sustainable world

Dereje Agonafer

Cooling data centers efficiently

Data centers account for approximately 2% of total U.S. electricity consumption, and cooling them can account for 40% of a data center’s overall energy usage. Now, an engineering professor at UTA is developing new hybrid technology to make the cooling process more energy-efficient.

tropical region

Researcher discovers six new frog species

In eastern Mexico, biology Associate Professor Eric Smith and a team of international researchers made a large discovery of something small: six new species of miniature frogs.

Rick Wilder


A space physicist at UTA is playing a key role in NASA’s Geospace Dynamics Constellation mission aimed at improving our understanding of the planet’s ionosphere-thermosphere (I-T) system.

Sustainable World

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UTA's faculty are conducting award-winning research to improve sustainability in today's world.

Focus on greater understanding through data

Paul Davidson

Predicting failure risk in aircraft composites

Mechanical and aerospace engineering Assistant Professor Paul Davidson is building predictive tools to help determine the life, durability, and safety of composites used in current and next-generation aircraft.

cancer data

Project aims to bring cancer data to the bedside

Jacob Luber is on a mission to improve cancer treatment by collecting and analyzing vast amounts of cancer data.

Illustration by Jing Jing Tsong

Evaluating Smart Traffic Signal Design

Civil engineer Pengfei “Taylor” Li hopes to make traffic signals smarter with new simulation techniques and big data.

Understanding Through Data

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From health care robots to care to military aptitude tests to the energy sector, see how UTA's faculty are changing the world with data.

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