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Infrastructure Innovation


Daejong Kim

Daejong Kim, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, is leading a project to provide a conceptual design of a 50-megawatt helium turbine and compressor for a fast modular nuclear reactor.


Stephen Mattingly

Civil engineering Professor Stephen Mattingly is developing a framework for evaluating the use of automated vehicles and how they could help underserved populations across a five-state area.


Maria Konsta-Gdoutos

Maria Konsta-Gdoutos, civil engineering professor and associate director of the Center for Advanced Construction Materials, is heading an international effort to decarbonize concrete production and promote its use as a renewable energy source.


Rick Wilder

Investigating Earth’s ionosphere-thermosphere

A space physicist at UTA is playing a key role in NASA’s Geospace Dynamics Constellation mission aimed at improving our understanding of the planet’s ionosphere-thermosphere (I-T) system.

Kyeong Rok Ryu

Quantifying the benefits of roadside vegetation

Construction management Assistant Professor Kyeong Rok Ryu is helping cultivate a better-looking Texas by creating best practices for roadside vegetation.

Illustration by Jing Jing Tsong

Evaluating smart traffic signal design

Civil engineer Pengfei “Taylor” Li hopes to make traffic signals smarter with new simulation techniques and big data.

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