Tuition and Scholarships

At UTA, we believe an excellent education should be attainable for all. We provide financial aid and scholarships that keep your costs low and your debt manageable.

Your Future is Secure at UTA

No. 1

Established Graduates

Number 1 in Dallas-Fort Worth for return on investment.


Established Graduates

Ranked 34th in the country for return on investment.

No. 1

Highest Paid Graduates

UTA graduates have the highest-first-year median wage.

Blaze Forward with a New Tuition Program

The Blaze Forward program makes it even easier for you to get a world class education at UTA!

This program will cover 100% of tuition and fees for undergraduate students who meet all eligibility requirements and are from families with financial incomes up to $85,000.

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A student poses with Blaze at the 2021 Commencement.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Resources

Effective planning and knowing what to expect are fundamental when funding your future. Explore our cost estimator, financial aid and scholarships, and more to discover why UTA is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

UTA Tuition Estimator

Our tuition estimator is designed to help potential and existing students obtain a rough estimate of the tuition and fees involved in attending per session.

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Guaranteed Tuition

UTA's Guaranteed Tuition Rate Plan, you can lock in the Fall 2022 Guaranteed Tuition rate and avoid any future tuition increases. The plan is designed to aid in budgeting and planning your college expenses, and to reward students who complete at least 30 semester credit hours toward their degree during an academic year, an essential strategy for graduating on time.

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Merit and Academic Scholarships

UTA's merit based scholarships are available to incoming freshmen and transfer students. Merit based scholarships are only available at the start of the incoming fall semester. Additional academic scholarship opportunities are also available based on academic department qualifications.

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Fellowships and Assistantships

UTA offers fellowships and graduate assistantships. Contact your academic department graduate advisor to determine what options are offered and their respective requirements.

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Grants are federal and state-funded aid that normally do not require repayment. They are limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis indicating the importance of submitting your FAFSA early.

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