Information for Parents

It’s time to learn more about what UTA has to help you and your child take the next step.


UTA is a comprehensive research university built for the 21st century, and the first choice institution for more than 60,000 students.

Affordability is a top priority

With competitively priced tuition, generous scholarship programs, and robust financial aid programs we keep university costs affordable. In 2017, UTA was ranked No. 2 in the nation in the national university group for graduating students with the least amount of debt owed for their education.

We’re constantly growing

We’re among the 20 fastest-growing universities in the nation, and that’s just the beginning. We’re recognized as a Next Generation University by the New America Foundation—one of only six schools in the nation and the only one in Texas.

Maximizing student potential

Everything we do is about supporting our students at every level. From the Honors College, to Freshman Interest Groups, and University College, we offer services to help your student succeed.

Proximity to big ideas

Our accomplished faculty are world-renowned for their expert knowledge and groundbreaking research. What happens here can change the world.

A revved up résumé

With internships, service learning, and work study opportunities, we match students’ talents and goals to real-world, career experience. Our location in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex means there are countless prospects to grow as a working professional.

Campus safety

The University of Texas at Arlington is ranked among the top 100 safest campuses in America, according to The National Council for Home Safety and Security. And UTA is just one of nine Texas colleges or universities to earn the top 100 ranking. We are committed to safety and we are proud to have been recognized for it.

2019 Campus Security and Fire Safety Report


UTA offers over $30 million in scholarships annually to incoming, transfer and current students. At UTA students are our #1 priority, and we understand that scholarships are important to our students. The UTA scholarship program is committed to rewarding academic excellence and to improving access to college.


Financial Aid

As a parent, you understand that college is an investment for your child's future. UTA offers low tuition rates, grants and financial aid. If your student or family member has contributed to a private 529 college savings plan, review tuition plans tailored to assist funding your child's future.

Financial Aid Resources

Planning their Future Starts Now

High school is a pivotal time to plan and prepare for getting into and succeeding in college. We’ve assembled advice, tips, and checklists to help you and your student along the way.

Parents of 9th Grade Students

Even though high school has just begun, it’s not too early to start preparing and planning for college. Your student’s freshman year of high school is about two things. First, you can help them establish the necessary study skills and rigor to be successful. Secondly, you can begin the learning process about college.

Study Habits

Monitor your student's study habits and grades. Encourage them to take advantage of study-skills and time management resources from their high school. Students should study about 1 hour for every hour they are in class. College students need to study about 2 hours for every hour they are in class.

Earn College Credit

Encourage challenging coursework like Advanced Placement (AP) or Pre-AP classes. In order to receive AP college credit, students need to earn specific scores on the AP tests for the AP classes they were enrolled in.

AP college credit

Parents of 10th Grade Students

Now that your student has completed their first year of high school, it’s time to focus more intently on the college search process. It’s also important to continue strengthening their academic preparation. The tenth grade year is often the most difficult academically, and it is critical to maintaining a good class rank and high grade point average. Be sure your student is taking challenging courses, including AP/Pre-AP classes. Ask your student’s guidance counselor if their school will be offering the PSAT. The test is good practice for the SAT, and also opens up scholarship opportunities for the nation’s top PSAT scorers.  

Learn Responsibility

Encourage responsibility and independence in your student by suggesting they join clubs and organizations or get a part-time job.

Take the PSAT

Encourage your students to take the PSAT to help prepare them for future testing.

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Parents of 11th Grade Students

High school is more than half over, which means college is closer than ever for your student. Eleventh grade is when the college search process really ramps up. This is challenging because your student still needs to stay focused on getting good grades in high school. College admission and scholarship deadlines are early in the fall or spring semester of your student’s senior year. That means your student’s sophomore and junior year grades will be how colleges judge your student’s application for admission.

Explore Options

Start making a list of potential colleges and universities that offer their intended major.

Explore Majors

SAT or ACT Testing

It's time to continue reviewing test prep materials for the big test and register for the SAT or ACT.

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Parents of 12th Grade Students

High school graduation is now less than a year away! Your student has lots of criteria and deadlines to meet in order complete the college admissions process. They will need your help staying organized. Their counselor will also be in contact more frequently during their senior year. Make sure your student checks their email and mailbox frequently. Colleges will be sending information about events, scholarship opportunities, deadlines, and more.

Admissions Counselors

Meet with a college admissions counselor and have questions prepared. UTA admission counselors visit Texas high schools throughout the year.

Find a Counselor

Take a Tour

Visit college campuses and help your student picture their life there and how college their experience will be. Explore the possibilities with a UTA campus tour.

Schedule a Tour

Explore Majors

Discuss career options with your student, research majors and programs, and talk about what they're most interested in pursuing.