Innovation and Commercialization

UTA strongly supports faculty, students and entrepreneurs who want to introduce groundbreaking technologies or a new idea into the marketplace to improve people’s lives.

The commercialization of technologies and ideas developed at UTA also links our university to the growing innovation and investment ecosystem in the DFW Metroplex. More and more investors are looking at UTA as a source of groundbreaking ideas and technologies to help develop the DFW Metroplex’s fast-growing economy.

Innovation and Commercialization (I&C) is responsible for the protection, marketing, and licensing of campus created inventions and intellectual property (patents, copyrights, know-how, etc.). The mission of I&C is to serve its internal and external clients through education and collaboration, acting as a bridge to industry to make UTA technologies and innovations available to humankind. I&C’s vision is to be known internally as a facilitator of commercialization and entrepreneurship and externally as a standard for tech transfer offices. UTA's diverse faculty and research expertise naturally expound innovation and collaboration possibilities that could provide industry partners the technological winning edge in the marketplace.

We stand ready to assist you to


  • Evaluate whether research results are patentable and navigate your technology through the patenting process

  • Protect intellectual property while protecting academic priorities, interests and values

  • Effectively transfer discoveries and inventions from the laboratory into commercial development

  • Generate collaborations with industrial partners for new sources of research sponsorship

  • Market and successfully license the technologies

  • Monitor research and license agreements to ensure the development and commercialization of your technologies

  • Establish your start-up company by helping to find and obtain funding, put a management team in place, etc.


UTA and TechFW have created a strategic partnership called TechFW@UTA. This partnership serves UTA faculty, staff and students by providing FREE programs, activities and services geared to nurture innovations made by our University. If you have an idea or an invention already, these offerings will help you and the university understand its value in the market place, how to start and develop a company around the invention or to help set a commercial pathway.


The Small Business Innovation Research, or SBIR, and Small Business Technology Transfer, or STTR, programs are Congressionally mandated programs that require eligible government agencies to set aside a portion of their budget to encourage small businesses to engage in R&D that has a high potential for commercialization. The SBIR and STTR programs provide qualified small businesses, including faculty startups, with opportunities to propose innovative R&D projects that meet specific federal needs. Each program requires a highly competitive award process; that is, not all small business applicants receive funds, and those that do get money, must show potential for commercialization.


An open access meeting space that serves as a location where entrepreneurs can meet to work on business ideas, to learn about starting a company, and to obtain assistance and advice with respect to their business idea.