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Science students in research lab

Bioscience Revolution

Bioengineering researcher Kytai Nguyen is leading a project that will develop biodegradable nanomaterials to take pictures and deliver medicine.

Researchers working in a lab

Energy-Efficient New Technologies

Weidong Zhou and Alice Sun have a five-year, $1.8 million Department of Energy grant to explore energy-efficient electronics and photonics. 

Laura Mydlarz (left) with Kelsey Beavers

Understanding Gene Expression

“The positive aspect of this is we’re closer to figuring out what’s going on with this disease, which would mean we could predict it better for management purposes, like treating corals on the reef or moving corals,” said Laura Mydlarz.

Harnessing the Power of Wearables

Underserved Americans are on the path to a healthier future thanks to UTA's Physical Activity and Wearable Sensors Lab. 

Researchers working on a drone

Durable "Plastic Roads" Cut Waste

Sahadat Hossain and his team have pioneered the use of "plastic roads" that use a unique mix of plastic waste and asphalt to improve road durability while recycling materials. 

Sensors to Examine Brain Injuries

With the help of a $1 million grant from the Office of Naval Research, Ashfaq Adnan is building a system that will enable him to replicate the motion of a moving object, be it a vehicle or a person.