LSAMP - Summer Research Academy

Are you an undergraduate sophomore or junior majoring in one of the exciting fields of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM)? Are you planning to continue your studies in a graduate program in your field?

You will be able to preview a graduate program of your choice by applying to the LSAMP Summer Research Academy (SRA). The SRA allows you to pay a summer visit to a host institution within the UT System. Scholars receive a $4,000 summer stipend plus up to $500 in travel assistance. 


UT El Paso LSAMP Website 

Another option is the LSAMP Summer Research Academy Abroad (SRA-A). The SRA-A program selects up to 10 students from LSAMP partner schools for an eight to 10 week study abroad program. Students receive a $4,000 summer stipend, roundtrip airfare, and a housing and food allowance. 


UT El Paso LSAMP Summer Abroad Website 

UT System Universities

The links below will give you some idea of the many graduate programs in engineering and science disciplines. When visiting online, be sure to explore the colleges of science and engineering themselves as well as the links to special graduate programs and research centers! Take some time to learn about the campus culture and the surrounding community. Then contact the Campus Director above for further information.

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What Will I Be Doing During the Summer?

If you are selected for the LSAMP Summer Research Academy, you will participate in an eight- to 10-week intensive research experience working alongside nationally- and internationally-recognized professors for a minimum of 30 hours per week. You will conduct supervised research, meet graduate students in the program of your choice, attend research group or lab meetings, and participate in special meetings designed to help you with your graduate school plans. Sometimes, you will be visiting with other scholars and learning about the graduate school application process through videoconferencing. By visiting a UT campus with a broad array of graduate programs, you will come to learn about the campus culture, the many resources for research on the campus and you will experience what the local community has to offer.

What Sort of Funding is Available? 

Each student will be awarded a $4,000 summer stipend. Funds will provide on-campus housing for a visit of approximately 9-10 weeks (if you participate in a university exchange and attend a campus that is not your home campus). If you reside in the DFW area, you will not be allotted funding for housing. In addition, you will receive travel support to attend the UT Systems LSAMP-SRA/SRA-Abroad Conference at UT El Paso at the end of the program.

What are the Benefits of Participating in LSAMP?

The benefits to becoming an undergraduate researcher within the LSAMP program are limited only by your ambition, but if we have to get specific:

  • Full-time, on-campus research support
  • Earn funding while conducting research
  • Gain valuable experiential learning experience
  • Research mentorship
  • Professional development and learning communities
  • Add to your career experience on your professional resume
  • Network with UTA faculty and staff
  • Network with students at participating UT System LSAMP programs
  • Apply and potentially participate in LSAMP-SRA Abroad and LSAMP Bridge to Doctorate

How Will the Application be Evaluated?

Your grade point average, both overall and within the major, and potential to pursue a successful career in a STEM field based on evidence of creativity, leadership, initiative, motivation, and other characteristics will be considered during application evaluation. Write your Personal Statement clearly and thoughtfully. Please be sure to rank order your preferences on the application form. The selection committee will make every attempt to put you in touch with your preferred graduate program. Please select two faculty members who can complete the on-line recommendation form for you. Applicants who do not have two on-line submission forms received by February 19, 2021 will have an incomplete application that will not be considered. 

Do I Quality for this Program?

All LSAMP scholars must be full-time, undergraduate students majoring in a STEM field in the Colleges of Engineering or Science. The scholars must also have completed 30 semester hours at the time of application and have a minimum 2.8 G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale. Any student who is a senior must be a NON-GRADUATING senior, meaning that they will graduate after May or August 2021.Students must be either U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S.

List of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Approved STEM Fields 

How do I Apply?

First, discuss your plans for graduate school with faculty members and advisors at your home institution. Next, discuss your plans for graduate school with the LSAMP Campus Director on your campus or at any of the four-year institutions listed above. Explore the web pages for further information about graduate degrees and specific faculty and research initiatives. Then click on the link below to access the application form. Remember to request that two faculty members allow you to list them as references who can complete the on-line recommendation form on your behalf by the application date. Summer 2021's application due date was February 19, 2021. Summer 2022 applications will open approximately in November 2021.

LSAMP-SRA Informational Page and Application 

The UT System LSAMP program is funded by the National Science Foundation grant number HRD-1202008 and HRD-1826745. Funding for the Bridge to the Doctorate projects is provided by NSF grant numbers HRD-0832951 (BD 2008-2010), HRD-0929727 (BD 2009-2011), HRD-1139929 (BD 2011-2013), HRD-1301858 (BD 2013-2015), and HRD-1810898 (BD 2018-2020).