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The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is providing remote advising via Teams.

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The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) has several presentations and workshops created. We can also tailor facilitated conversations, workshops, and trainings specifically for your needs. Presentations can be brought to your class, organization, staff meeting or a group of friends. They are led by OUR Staff and Student Ambassadors. Presentations can be edited to meet your time allotments. Presentation format options: face to face, virtual, and/or made into a reusable video/digital. Here are our current topics:

Information Session for Orientation(s)

Info Session for Orientations - Undergraduate Research staff will provide an overview of research at the undergraduate level at UTA for Colleges, Schools, and/or Departments. Presentations can be made to be discipline specific. Presentations format options: face to face, virtual, and/or made into a reusable video/digital. Length of presentation can vary from 5-60 minutes.

Undergraduate Research Information Session

Undergraduate Research staff will answer questions and talk about strategies for getting involved in undergraduate research at UTA. The sessions are open to students from all disciplines and majors. Length of presentation can vary from 5-60 minutes. Please inform us on the form if you would like us to focus on one of our programs: LSAMP, McNair Scholars, and/or UGRAP/UROP.

Oral Presentations

Presentation provides skills and best practices when communicating research for general audiences.

Research Poster Design

Presentation emphasizes poster design principles; appropriate sections for a research poster; understanding your audience; evaluating a poster; using PowerPoint for poster design; and presenting your poster.

Research Ethics & Integrity

Presentation highlights the importance of best practices with regards to research.

Mentorship for Mentors and Mentees

At universities, student mentoring is proven to improve student retention, boost job placement rates, and increase alumni engagement when tapping alumni as mentors. This presentation/workshop can include any of the following elements: definitions, common practices, learning objectives, expectations & setting expectations, mentorship relationships, sustaining mentorship, and mentorship to sponsorship.

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Schedule a Presentation

To have a presentation/workshop brought to your space please fill out the form. We ask for two weeks in advance but we will take last minute facilitation based on availability. 
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Who are Undergraduate Research Student Ambassadors?

Undergraduate Research Student Ambassadors are comprised of undergraduate student researchers with a passion for promoting the importance of research at the undergraduate level. The role of an Undergraduate Research Student Ambassador is to go out into the community of UTA and lead facilitations for classrooms and organizations. Through these facilitations, the OUR Student Ambassadors help create a rich environment that is inclusive of all disciplines.

Become an Undergraduate Research Student Ambassador

We invite undergraduate students to apply to be an Undergraduate Research Student Ambassador. Student Ambassadors are selected from OUR UGRAP and/or UROP Programs.


  • 2.75 GPA or higher
  • Attend an OUR informational meeting
  • Be admitted into OUR formalized research programs: UGRAP or UROP
  • Attend required trainings  
  • Be an undergraduate student

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