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Identify, apply for and receive the funding from that will propel your research to new discovery or advance an innovative product toward the marketplace.

Build your proposal

The indispensable ingredient of a good proposal is a good idea, but the manner in which it is presented can significantly affect the outcome.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to support researchers in preparing an attractive, optimized proposal within the guidelines of various funding agencies.

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Ask for Funding

Find Funding

Identifying the funding opportunity that best suits your project and understanding the research priorities of different sponsors is essential to the success of a proposal.

Explore tips and resources to help you discover funding opportunities to grow and advance your research.

Contact OGCS Pre-Award for help with finding funding.
Find Funding
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Faculty Research

UTA recruits world-class researchers and add state-of-the-art equipment to strengthen the Carnegie R1 research environment established by current faculty and generate unprecedented increases in research capabilities and activity.